Let’s dive in

Here you will find writings in an experimental mode—writings that seek to find and articulate the living threads of energy in time/space/memory; writings that seek to retrieve an alive dynamic that heals, re-members wholeness:

  • Memoir, reflections, theoretical fragments, dream-narratives,

  • Previews and drafts of poetry and other projects,

  • Occasional podcasts.

There is a river of life that runs through the world: a secret tremendous aliveness with which we all tremble. This is a newsletter about writing to bring into the world the worlds we want to see; writing as a sensor into the future—wayfinding into that occult interconnected place where the wheel of life continues. 


Let us together find our indomitable spirit—residing in the place wisdom abides.

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Writings on creativity/consciousness, culture/spirit, education/liberation.


poet, transdisciplinary educator, borderlands metaphysicist, decolonial thinker, dagara-inspired diviner, mystic animist, multidimensional